August Wedding

Wherever Marg!


First of all, happy new month! I spent the last couple of days in August traveling back to Chicago from New York and living in a frantic. In the midst of this, I was stuck in the number 5 train on my way to the Bronx Zoo for over an hour, wasted another hour trying to find ELF Cosmetics store in Midtown then rushed to Queens at 7pm to finish packing and to LaGuardia Airport in hope of not missed my 8:55pm flight (I had to check my luggages in at least 50 minutes). Luckily, I received a text message from Southwest giving noticed of my flight being delayed more than an hour and I didn’t complain because I am almost always running late.

One of my girlfriend, Tiara, became married to her college sweetheart, William, this Labor Day weekend and there was no better reason to be back home in Chicago. I…

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Handmade Invitations

The Handmade Wedding

Handmade wedding invitations can be beautiful and elegant, but also time-consuming.  Only you can decide if it is worth the effort to create a completely customized and personalized invitation for each of your guests.  You will be the one doing the work after all.  If this is an avenue you would like to pursue, here are some examples of invitations from Pinterest that you can use for inspiration.  Search for DIY wedding invitations.

Our jaws totally dropped when we saw these amazing handmade wedding invitations!

DIY wedding invites

Or Check out Etsy

Ivory Lace  Wedding Invitation, Grey Wedding Invitation, Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations , Vintage Wedding invitation on Etsy, $5.60

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A Wedding Dress Must Be Adequately Embellished


Many designers make their dresses keeping in mind the different kinds of body shapes women have. Many designers have also gone a notch higher and offered customizing services whereby brides-to-be have had dresses altered and also redesigned to meet their needs.Before choosing any wedding gown Wedding Dresses USA Online Shop, you want to first contemplate the type of wedding you wish to have. This detail will have a lot to do with the style of bridal gown that you end up wearing. The formality of your wedding will help to drive the theme that you wish to portray as it helps to define your special day. Further, the formality of your wedding will help to dictate any other decisions you need to make during the wedding planning process. It is going to be very important for you to be content with what you have decided in the beginning, in…

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