The History of Wedding Favours

Make U Up Artistry

Many of us know the origins of the white wedding dress (when Queen Victoria wore one in her wedding it became all the rage and hasn’t changed much since), or participate in the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ tradition by collecting heirlooms or finding a garter belt made with blue ribbon, but when did wedding favours become a popular tradition?

For many years now, couples provide a small gift or trinket to the guests that attend their wedding as a thank you for attending and sharing in their special day. In recent years we have seen them evolve and now many couples give items that can be of use or enjoyment to their guests; from salt and pepper shakers and engraved glasses to treats like handmade jellies or coffee kits, guests have received all kinds of interesting things.

The earliest accounts of the wedding favour made its…

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