3D Modeling: Using OpenScad to Design a Ring

yuqi cosplays ♥

One of the biggest hurdles for most people to get into 3D printing is just knowing where to start, but just like any other type of printer you need something print to make it worth it and anyone can start this free and be sure to have something worth printing before deciding the next step. If you don’t want to just download other peoples model and would like to create your own there are plenty of free options to get started with. Here is an excerpt from one of those options from my ring making guide/tutorial/instructables I was making to cover the creation of YuQi’s engagment ring.ringOpenScad is a lot more intimidating to most people who are not familiar with programming, but in all honesty if you just want to make a simple ring all your self (i.e. not downloading a model) and don’t have much computing power you…

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