Rustic Chic Gets A Makeover

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I’m a sucker for a chic rustic affair just as much as the next girl but for the love of God, stop with the burlap and mason jars already. The typical trends that have become associated with the favored eclectic-glam theme are beyond overplayed. If you’re in the midst of your planning process and know you want to go rustic chic, try some of the following ideas to keep your special day looking fresh.


1. Florals look beautiful when arranged in long wooden wine boxes. When boxes are not all from the same vineyard or distributor, it provides a more eclectic feel to the event.

2. I cannot get enough of the naked cake trend. Dress your cake down by leaving frosting off the sides but dress it up with large bold blooms or succulents.

3. Funky eclectic furniture can be used as seating rather than the traditional look of all matching chairs…

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August Wedding

Wherever Marg!


First of all, happy new month! I spent the last couple of days in August traveling back to Chicago from New York and living in a frantic. In the midst of this, I was stuck in the number 5 train on my way to the Bronx Zoo for over an hour, wasted another hour trying to find ELF Cosmetics store in Midtown then rushed to Queens at 7pm to finish packing and to LaGuardia Airport in hope of not missed my 8:55pm flight (I had to check my luggages in at least 50 minutes). Luckily, I received a text message from Southwest giving noticed of my flight being delayed more than an hour and I didn’t complain because I am almost always running late.

One of my girlfriend, Tiara, became married to her college sweetheart, William, this Labor Day weekend and there was no better reason to be back home in Chicago. I…

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