4 Super Helpful Wedding Planning Books

Having recently planned a large wedding, I found many wedding books extremely helpful. I also found many that were unhelpful. The ones I’ve listed below are the one that I found to be most useful and practical when planning my wedding.  And to save money – check your local library for copies of these books!

1. A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene – This was the first book I picked up after I got engaged.  This is not so much a wedding planning book as it is a wedding sanity book.  This book really helped me get into the right mindset going into the wedding planning process and helped remind me to stay grounded.  It may be an important day in your life, but it is still only one day.  Also an awesome online resource: apracticalwedding.com.  I used this site for help with doing our own flowers, estimating alcohol…

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