After the Engagement – 14 Tips to Get You Started

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Call ALL relatives

Allow some time together as a newly engaged couple before you pull the phones out. The first thing after you both delight in being engaged is to call your loved ones. By personally calling them you are letting them know you care enough about them to let them in on such a special moment in your life. Oh, and it’s a social courtesy, so don’t go straight to social media until you’ve alerted those closest to you.

Get your Ring Sized

Hopefully your fiancé got just the right fit, but let’s face it, guys aren’t mind readers, so if your ring is loose or a little too tight have it sized ASAP. Everyone will want to see that ring on your finger, and most importantly you won’t want to stop staring at it.

Get your Ring Insured

If your fiancé hasn’t already…

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4 Super Helpful Wedding Planning Books

Having recently planned a large wedding, I found many wedding books extremely helpful. I also found many that were unhelpful. The ones I’ve listed below are the one that I found to be most useful and practical when planning my wedding.  And to save money – check your local library for copies of these books!

1. A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene – This was the first book I picked up after I got engaged.  This is not so much a wedding planning book as it is a wedding sanity book.  This book really helped me get into the right mindset going into the wedding planning process and helped remind me to stay grounded.  It may be an important day in your life, but it is still only one day.  Also an awesome online resource:  I used this site for help with doing our own flowers, estimating alcohol…

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a couple of years ago, on a warm summer evening, i remember sitting on my parents back patio talking to my mum about who of my friends i thought were going to get engaged first.
there was no question in my mind: my bestfriend miranda and her boyfriend alex.

after witnessing, first hand, their ‘courtship’ and then their budding relationship, i knew – alex was the one and the love that they share is real.
it’s funny because i think friends and family know the outcome of a relationship before the person who is actually in the relationship does.

when he finally proposed i cried. i literally sat on my couch in my condo and cried.
not because i was sad, but because i knew it. i knew it. i knew it. i knew it. i called it!
they’re so perfect and wonderful together – i couldn’t have asked for…

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10 Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want to Capture On Your Big Day

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Getting married is one of the single most important events of a person’s lifetime. The strategic planning, the excitement of the ceremony, and the memories made at the reception are all worth while in then end, but time seems to fly by in an instant and the perfect day you planned is suddenly over. What better way to look back at those moments than with memorable and exciting wedding photos.

Wedding photos truly capture moments of love, excitement, fear, and everything in between. So, to save you from looking back in time at your photos and thinking, “We should have done something different,” take these 15 wedding photo ideas and use them as go-to shots for your big day.

1. L-O-V-E


2. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes.


3. Romantic first dance.


4. The secret meet-up.


5. Capturing a sentimental moment.


6. Candid photos of guests.


7. A “first-look” with your…

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