Dinner is served!

weddings from the other side

I can vividly remember the kitchen table I sat at every day and night throughout my childhood. The table was made of an older, dark colored wood, which rarely saw the light of day as it remained covered by a thick blue and white checked tablecloth at most times. The table was pushed flush against the wall… always. The chairs were also wood, with thick strands of something that resembled heavy cardboard to my childhood mind, woven together to make the seat. 


I would lay in my bed until I could smell the delicious Eggo waffle toasting in the toaster. As the aroma drifted to my room, I would pull myself up, and plop down at the kitchen table to eat my three Eggos, stacked perfectly on top of each other, smothered in syrup, but not butter. I have never been into the butter on my waffles thing. I remember…

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