Makeup for a Springtime Wedding


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Hi friends! We wanted to let you know that we are now on Instagram and would love for you to follow us @leanonme_events. We will be posting pictures often to give you a behind the scenes look at what we do on a daily basis, sneak peeks of weddings and the planning process, and just my (Lindsay) life in general. You’ll see things like the folowing pictures and lots more!


Playing dress up with brides 😉


One of our beauties at a bridal shower winning a toilet paper dress contest.


Some of our favorite recipes…who doesn’t love animal cookies truffles??


Bridal shows


Yummy tastings @Crave Cupcakes


Engagement shoots. Photo by Luke and Cat Photography


Sneak peek of REAL weddings! (iphone photo) Wedding Venue: Pecan Springs


More REAL weddings! (iphone photos) Wedding Venue: Pecan Springs


More yummy tastings, Nothing Bundt Cakes


Our inspiration and what fires us up @LaraCasey; Making…

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How to Sell Your Wedding

Wedding Industrial Complex

Are you in the market to sell your wedding?

And no, I don’t mean to advertisers. (Although with the continued rise in cost of modern American nuptials, I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing more corporate-sponsored weddings pop up in the coming years.)

We all know that fairy tales can have unhappy endings, but sometimes they fail before they even begin. Over 250,000 weddings are cancelled every year, says Lauren Byrne, founder of, the wedding re-sale site she launched last summer.

So instead of simply throwing away their unused venue, food, and photography contracts, Byrne figures, couples can recycle them.

As ABC News puts it,

“The start-up company makes a market between previously remote parties on the wedding continuum: couples who’ve decided not to marry who want to sell the wedding goods and services they’ve bought, and couples keen to buy a “prepackaged” wedding and…

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Should You Use A Modern or Vintage Bridal Veil?

My Vintage Wedding Dress

Picture you’re walking down the aisle in your dream wedding with all eyes on you.Whether you’re imagining a traditional wedding or one with modern touches, wearing the right veil completes your look as a bride. The style of the bridal veil has been evolving and brides now have a variety of choices, whether modest or fashion-forward. From modern to vintage bridal veils, which style will you wear? Here are the differences to consider when choosing modern or vintage bridal veils:

1. Determine your veil length and layer

The length of your bridal veil helps define your look on your wedding day. Short veils like a blusher and shoulder length veils fall just below the shoulders while a birdcage veil is the shortest. Longer veils, ranging from 45 to 120 inches, include waltz (or ballet), chapel and cathedral lengths. These styles are more formal, sweeping across the aisle as you…

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How Wedding Registries Impacted Family Roles

Picture Perfect Weddings

“Registering” for a wedding didn’t used to be mainstream. Once upon a time, choosing which items a couple would need for their new home and life was the job of the parents. Most often, the bride’s mother would determine what was needed and then pass that information on to family and friends. But these days, retailers take care of all those tiny details.

In some ways, this has helped make weddings easier on the couple and the family. The process is more streamlined, so there aren’t as many problems with duplicate gifts. In many cases, the databases are updated online in close to real time, so guests can look and see what has already been purchased, order their gifts online to be delivered, or explore their options.

But in other ways, streamlining the process has been more for the benefit of the retailer rather than the couple. Sales are higher…

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Hillary Clinton Supports Same Sex Marriage — Video

Hollywood Life

Go Hillary! The former first lady and potential future president has said that she supports same sex marriage because she wants ‘equality and opportunity for LGBT Americans.’

If you didn’t think Hillary Clinton could get any more awesome, she has now said that she will be rallying for same sex marriage in America. In a new video for advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, Hillary says her “personal views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved.” How amazing!

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