homespun happenings

Twas the night before Christmas Wedding when all through the church
Everything was in place every step was rehearsed.
The lights were hung by the rafters with care
In hopes that Thomas Albert soon would be there.

The Bride was home all snug in her bed
While visions of ‘I Dos’ danced in her head.
Dad’s suit was all pressed along with my dress
And as Parents of the Bride we’re trying not to be stressed.

When out in the garage there arose such a clatter,
I ran down the stairs to see what was the matter.
The Brothers were there planning out a surprise
For the Bride and her Groom on their most special night.

I went up to my bed, but could not fall asleep.
I tossed and I turned then counted some sheep.
Instead of wasting time I decided to pray
And ask my Heavenly Father to…

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Well,what do you know..!!im starting my own Blog!after all this time,i have the nerve to start this and share all of my creation 🙂

okay,the first picture is Serradella’s Macaroon. I have a thing with pastel and nude color!because they look so elegant and expensive..just a perfect color for Macaroon 😉

Wedding Cake!i love wedding cake!for me,it’s like the center of the night *besides the lovely bride and groom…and the dress,of course* it’s quite tricky to make this wedding cake!but nevertheless..i will never ruined a wedding!i want the bride and groom to have a beautiful cake on their beautiful day

Red Velvet!i’ve been through so much with this one,it’s kinda tricky trying to sell red velvet in a place that no one has no idea at all what is red velvet!at first,they don’t want you but now..everyone can’t get enough of you

after my red velvet cupcake gone viral *thank…

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