Mandi and Travis’ Playlist

To simply say Mandi and Travis got married this weekend would be a massive understatement.  But my brain is going to need a couple days to process all the moments and emotions, so you’ll just have to wait until next week for the actual wedding post.  And the week after. And probably the week after that. Because this sucker is going to be a two parter, maybe three.  That’s just what happens when the weekend involves a country concert, a chicken suit, and fireworks.  Literally…fireworks.

But for now, I’ll leave you with the playlist from their dance party.  Somehow I convinced Mandi to let me put it together.  Somehow her now-husband agreed.  I guess they had confidence in my love of all things top 40.  And in case you were wondering, as of November 3, 9:47 PM, America does not seem to be tired of Gangnam Style.

We had to…

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