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It Looks great so far!


Trash The Dress – Forbes, NSW

Creative way to add a little something to a white wedding dress. Love it!

Photography by Jackie Zhu

This has to be my all time favourite session however I will admit that it almost made me cry at first (I love that dress).

Last month I was lucky enough to help photograph my good friend Rikki-Lee and her husband Johnboys wedding.  She looked AMAZING and I absolutely loved her dress. I had suggested that once the wedding was over that she do a ‘Trash the dress’ session but she had already thought about it.  I am so greatful that she trusted me to photograph it because lets face it, once the dress is trashed it’s not like you can re-do it. LOL.

The fantastic thing about Rik is that she is so easy-going and let me suggest some crazy ideas but hers was the best idea of all. She wanted her husband and her kids to paint her dress. How many brides would allow their family to do…

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Irresistibly Fish

yesterday tbV and i attended the wedding of some friends we have made in americaland, namely Kristin and the Beatles [as i call Matt, cos to me he looks like 2 or more of the Beatles rolled into one] and had a really fun time.

the wedding was outside and the highlight of the event [apart from all of the wedding-related stuff of course] was this young flowergirl who completely messed up her job and yet somehow got the equivalent of a standing ovation [that sitting people can give] from the crowd…

and my explanation will do it absolutely no justice at all, but let me try – the audience had formed a semi-circlish kind of shape and the seven bridesmaids had walked through one after another building the expectation and with gentle music playing in the background as everyone awaited their first glimpse of the lovely bride… enter flowergirl…

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The relationship between floristry and interiors is becoming more and more popular as we are finding it an exciting feat to be able to decorate our homes according to our own personalities and individual colour palettes. Flowers are not only being used as complementing pieces in our favourite rooms but as centre pieces. We are also experimenting in our wardrobes with women sourcing fashion inspiration from everywhere, whether it be a piece of art work by Yago Hortal or even a wedding bouquet from, of  course, Kate Dawes (naturally). Don’t be afraid to try out something different, you’d be surprised what colour ideas you’ll find in your garden. Go on… Have a look.

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Amber Tamblyn and David Cross Married: Private, Intimate Weekend Wedding Ceremony, ‘Yo La Tengo’-Style

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Actress Amber Tamblyn and longtime hubby David Cross got married in a private and intimate wedding ceremony over the weekend according to People magazine. While very little details about the nuptial event have yet to be released, one Instagram picture of the happy couple slow dancing at their reception to “Yo La Tango” was shared by filmmaker Lance Bangs. The Saturday, Oct. 6 affair was attended by close family and friends, including Tamblyn’s “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” crew.

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