Hey! Its FRIDAY!!!! Do you know what that means?

Tune your television to TLC for Bridal Fridays. Whether your looking for ravishing wedding Ideas or just simply hoping to get a little dose of love. Tune in and be enchanted with shows like Say Yes To The Dress (my favourite) and Four Weddings. You can always find something that grabs your eye in Bridal Fridays!




Your Bridal Style Quiz

Your Bridal Style Quiz

Ever wanted to know what your bridal style is? Whether or not you are preparing for your special day it is always good to know what you want now, or what you are going to want in the future. This quiz from TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress will help you to discover exactly what you are looking for. I took the quiz for myself and I found out that my bridal style represents a more romantic feel.


This is a short yet fun quiz that can help you see your vision more clearly. It can also be loads of fun! And don’t fret! You can take the quiz as many times as you feel you may need too.Image

Are you in love with weddings?

I sure am in love with weddings. The day. Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life. I love watching and attending weddings because I feel as though I can easily see what true happiness is. It is a beautiful thing. This blog will show and chronicle what I like the most about weddings. Hopefully it will also help you to find something great for your wedding day! 🙂